Saddle Rock Fitness Center

Saddle Rock Fitness is an onsite gym, serving our physical therapy clients as well as regular gym clients. We are proud to be a member of the Silver Sneakers program, as well as welcoming all other members of our community.  Personalized gym programs are available through our medical team of exercise specialists who will take into account each client’s full medical history, including past injuries and illnesses when designing a program specifically for each client. We also welcome anyone who already knows what they want to do in the gym and can safely perform their program independently.  

Membership Workout Program ‡

Saddle Rock Fitness offers a special membership workout program.  This program is designed for those individuals wishing to exercise in a safe, structured environment, and yet still have the freedom to create your own workout routines.  A facility staff representative will be on staff at all times during business operation hours.  Think of it just like a regular health club membership, giving you access to the facility as you desire.  

saddle rock fitness
  • Gym Membership $19.95/month

‡ Personal Training Packages of 10 sessions or longer include a monthly membership!
* To qualify as a couple, individuals MUST live at the same address.
** Families consist of at least one parent and 1 or more children over the age of 12.  Children with different last names will be required to have a signed parent/guardian form validating their relationship.  Children between ages of 12-15 must always be accompanied by a parent while in facility.  Children age 16-18 must have parental consent form for use of facility.

Your referrals are greatly appreciated!